Scrub Club Technician Programme

Become a Scrub Club cleaning technician and earn money washing cars near you. Do as many or as little washes as you like, and fit in jobs to work around you. Our detailed and unique training programme will provide you with the expertise you need to perform the highest quality car wash whilst keeping your environmental impact to a minimum.

Our starter pack includes everything you need to start earning money washing cars near you. Alternatively you can source your own equipment subject to our quality assurance check. The basic equipment list includes: A Scrub Club t-shirt or hoodie, A bike (or car), a bike trailer, 2 x 25 litre water tanks, a cordless pressure washer, shampoo & wax, washing mits, high-absorbtion fibre towells and any relevant upgrades requested on a per wash basis.

All you have to do is maintain a 4 star average rating, and to fulfil any jobs you have requested within the alotted slot time.

Tips can also be earned through the platform to boost your earnings.

Step 1

Join Technician Program

Step 2

Purchase the starter wash pack and follow our online training guide or complete a two-hour training program

Step 3

Access our technician portal to add your availability and access our jobs dashboard. Work your way up through our technician levels from Scrub Star to Master Detailer.

The technician program is designed to give you rewards for providing a good service to customers. You get points and ranked for the following:

Please note that if your average rating drops below our minimum requirements, you may be removed from our platform.

Technician Levels

Join Technician Program