ScrubClub UK

Our address is
Unit 5/6
Scrub Club Ltd
Sussex Innovation Centre

Feel free to Whats App us using the number 0208 123 6945


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes once you have had your first wash, you can cancel at anytime with no restrictions. If you haven't already set up a password go to the setup / forgot password page and generate a password. Login to your account and find your subscription. You can cancel or make changes here.'

Can I skip a wash?

Yes once you have had your first wash, you can skip a wash by logging in to your account. You can also use WhatsApp to skip washes by sending us a message from the number you have on your account with the phrase 'SKIP' or 'CANCELSKIP' to cancel that.

Can I change the location of my vehicle?

Yes, you can move the map pin that we have saved for your vehicle by logging in to your account and going to the membership section.

What is included in the wash?

Currently, we are providing an exterior clean with some upgrade options. The exterior clean includes wash, wax, and wheels. We will be adding service extras and more options later.

What are the plans for the platform?

We are in our launch phase of the platform. Eventually, we are heading towards a 'gig' economy where scrubbers can sign up and earn money by washing cars. As we're in the early stages of launch, we are currently working on a process to ensure cars are washed with an exceptional standard so our scrubbers are employed in-house. We are working on an Uber-like platform ecosystem where anyone will eventually be able to join our scrubber programme.